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Next Album Cover

I have started Blind Congresses next work. It is to be twelve tracks of ambient/dark ambient.

Currently untitled, the cover most likely has been decided upon.

Dry Beaver Creek. Copyright 2019. Todd L Goodwin

This is an image I took of a wet Dry Beaver Creek near Sedona, Arizona.

I’ll zoom in to the tree. I love the fact that it is in island. Not sure what else will be done other than lettering at this point.

Cover of “Blind Congress: Ambiently You.” Copyright, 05-06-2021, Todd L Goodwin

Well there you have it.

It was done in Affinity Publisher fairly rapidly. I fooled around with another layer under the lettering like the last cover, but I really like the drama. Type for “Blind Congress: is Blue Highway D Type in 96 pt. Type for the title is Frank Ruhl Hofshi in 48 pt. at 3000 x 3000 px.

Sometimes simple is best.