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Blind Congress Releases Fourth Album

Blind Congress “Oh Covid Hell”.

Copyright 2020, by Todd L Goodwin. Blind Congress “Oh Covid Hell”

Blind Congress is soon to release their fifth body of work entitled “Oh Covad Hell”. Slated for the 14th of August 2020 on Spotify.

Created between March and July 2020, and spurred on by new equipment made possible by the covid stimulus package, during the onset of the pandemic, this 19 piece work loosely chronicles an exodus from Arizona to Washington State and events in the aftermath. It is a reflection.

Downtempo, Electronica, Techno and Ambient or somewhere in there, if you are interested in this type of music, you should find this to be an enjoyable experience.

All instrumental except for some audio taken from material found at the Prelinger Archive. Track 04- “Another Fallout” relies on the soundtrack from “About Fallout (1955)” by Wilding Picture Productions, Inc which is in the public domain. Likewise the ninth track “Amateur Medical Legacy” takes excerpts from “Seduction of the Innocent” by Davis (Sid) Productions which is also in the public domain.

Taking sound files and altering them has been something Blind Congress has been doing since 1988, but then using the keys of the legendary Casio SK1 Sampler. As the modern computer age progressed, changing the speed of sound files and adding effects to them became more of an interest. Stringing them together is like a dance. There are many sources of free sounds on the internet to be butchered and changed and mixed. But it’s not all that. There is hardware in there. Blind Congress recently added a full sized synthesizer and a sequencer to the mix and these are used throughout this work.

The Artists favorite tracks from “Oh Covid Hell” include “Amateur Medical Legacy”, “Seven Mile Alternator”, “Breathing in Uncertainty” and “Mindful of Surfaces (Oh Covid Hell).” That last one is an Ambient 14:32 minute meditation. “Amature Medical Legacy” is a humorous work derived from a not so humorous American propagandist piece made danceable.

On, or about the time of the release, the work should be available from wherever you purchase your music.


Polyexpressionist Updated

I’m not going to name any names here, but hosting companies can be an issue. So we changed hosts, but it wasn’t as simple as telling the new hosts migration team to just get at it. In fact the old host stood in the way by wanting to charge $70 for backing up our sites to a downloadable form. So I had to do it all myself and in the proces lost the prior WordPress setep. So, New Look.

We decided to move to take advantage of SSL. Our prior server was problematic. Uptime was great. They just wanted to charge us for little things like free ssl or $70 for a downloadable backup.

Oh, I’ll see if I can access or recreate the old posts. Not very many people actually read them.

I have to make this blog look better first.