About the Polyexpressionist Blog and Polyexpressionists in general

Perhaps you know someone that refuses to be chained down to a particular art form. Perhaps you are like this. I’m like this. And I’m glad I am. You find that when you know a lot about different artistic disciplines, you can combine them in innovative ways. Descartes said something like this. He was saying that studying more than one scientific field can to revolutionary observations in the blending of disciplines… that one field can easily find application in other fields. If you know architecture and you know how to paint, you can easily paint architecture. If you know poetry, you should be able to write lyrics.

Now usually, is scholarly works, one does not want to mix Greek with Latin nomenclature, yet this is what I’ve done. It sounds better, in my opinion, than “Multiexpressionist”, but I would suppose that would be OK too. I prefer the lyricism of Polyexpressionist.

Being deeply interested in multiple art forms can present some problems. In your youth this might appear to others as an inability to focus. You might find yourself hoping that life will work itself out. And it might. The thing is, if this is you, you are not alone. And if it isn’t you, perhaps you will learn more about those who have been ensnared.

There are many famous examples of Polyexpressionist throughout history. One of my favorite examples is Michelangelo, a poet, sculptor, painter and architect. A lot of people involved in cinema and music also paint. There are endless mixtures.

I, myself, am engaged in way too many disciplines. My main current focuses are jewellery smithing, music and drawing and painting. In my jewelry making I make everything by hand from the gemstones to the tools used to form metal. Check out goodwinandmaxwell.com. My wife makes all of our glass beads and beaded linked chain. You can find us on Etsy You can find us on Patreon.

I create music as Blind Congress and I have been doing it since 1988.

When I was a young teen there were two things I wanted to do with my life…. write science fiction and paint in oils, but I found myself too deeply interested in gem material and metal. While I no longer write science fiction but for some things related to my music, I do still draw and wish to start painting again soon.

So the blog is about creativity. I hope you will enjoy this.